Solar Thermal

Your hot water on tap…. without the scalding fuel bills

Did you know a solar hot water system is a cost effective, environmentally friendly way of creating 40 to 70% of your properties annual hot water requirements?

Solar Thermal Heating works differently to solar PV panels as it provides hot water rather than electricity. This means the energy provided by the solar thermal panels reduces the need to rely on a boiler or immersion heater for your water.

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With the growth of the renewable energy market, hundreds of companies have emerged selling installation services, claiming to be experts in their field. If you are considering solar thermal energy, wouldn’t you prefer to work with a business that fully understands all aspects of heating systems?

Ashley & McDonough have a long history and knowledge of commercial and domestic heating systems, so not only do we understand solar thermal products, but we understand how they integrate into your house or building.

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Call us today and we will provide a FREE of charge, no obligation survey in which one of our qualified surveyors visits you at home or your building.

We would then provide you with a proposal detailing costs, payback and any potential revenue you could receive via the new Renewable Heating Incentives.

How does it work?

The solar panels that are installed on the roof absorb the energy provided by daylight, so they work on both sunny and cloudy days.
Insulated pipework is connected from the panels on the roof to a hot water storage cylinder which is situated within your property.
Heat is generated from the roof panels to the storage cylinder to provide hot water. As the hot water is used a sensor notes the drop in the water temperature and the solar heat is then pumped back into the cylinder to heat the water

Benefits of Solar Water Heating Systems

  • Solar Water Heating can provide you with about a third of your hot water needs.
  • Solar Water Heating can save you between £55 (if you have gas central heating) and £80
    (if you have electric central heating) a year on your water heating costs.
    The corresponding carbon savings are between 230kg and 510kg of CO2 a year.
  • Maintenance costs are very low – most solar water heating systems come with a 5-10 year warranty and require little maintenance.
  • It uses the sun’s heat – so there are no further costs once you’ve had the equipment installed, except, in most cases, a small amount of electricity needed to run the pump.
  • In most systems the pumping cancels out only about 8% of the energy savings, and newer technology can reduce this to 3% or even zero.
  • In England, planning permission for most solar water installations is no longer needed – and governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are currently discussing introducing similar initiatives.
  • A £600 grant is available through the Renewable Heat Incentive Premium Payment.

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The Ashley & McDonough have provided Warrington Housing Association with a highly professional and customer focused heating service for more than 10 years. They are a trusted and supportive contractor that deliver projects with the minimum disruption for customers, while consistantly achieving clients programme deadlines and cost thresholds. I would recommend The Ashley & McDonough to deliver a quality and value for money service.